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Babylon Gardens
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Aztec Chinampas
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Floating farms
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Balcony money plant
HYDROPONICS: A Time-tested Method
The Hanging Gardens of Babylon was considered one of the seven wonders of the ancient world and one of the first recorded examples of water gardening. Hydroponics is the art of gardening without soil which dates back more than 2500 years and is now set to be the future of farming. In the absence of soil, water goes to work providing nutrients, hydration, and oxygen to plant life.
Nutrient Film Technique
The NFT system uses a pump to deliver water to the grow tray and a drained pipe to recycle the unused water nutrient solution. The roots of the plants hang down to the bottom of the channel where they come into contact with the shallow film of the nutrient solution and absorb the nutrients from them.The entire setup is housed in a climate controlled greenhouse.
Sustainable Farming
Considering not only the present but also the future we have adopted a sustainable method. With 95% less consumption of water and zero residue we have a higher yield which increases the production by almost 20 folds. The optimum environment promotes a faster growth of climate resilient plants which are of superior quality (and thus healthier) than the plants grown traditionally.

Greenzy Operation

Same day harvest and delivery

At first we start with sourcing native seeds by which we support local farmers.
Then these seeds are spread over the germination tray where they sprout into saplings.
These saplings are then transferred to NET pots in the NFT channels where the plants grow.
After which the produce is gently decluttered, safely packed and ready to deliver on the same day of harvest.